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How to Avoid Eye Allergies?
Eyes are one of our most sensitive organs and they are at a constant risk of irritants, allergens and other harmful agents. We are usually so engrossed in taking care of our skin that we neglect our eyes. That puts us at a greater risk of catching eye allergies. Here are some ways which will help you to protect your eyes form any imminent allergies.

1.   Avoid allergy causing things:
Allergens are the substances that cause allergies. Avoid them at all costs. Do not go out when the air is loaded with pollen grains or when there is smog outside. Try avoiding gatherings fir firework display too if your eyes are very sensitive, as they spread chemicals in the air which are harmful to your eyes and skin.

2.   Wear photochromic lenses:
Ask your optometrist to provide you with suitable eyeglasses with photochromic lenses. These lenses filter sunlight for intense rays which cause allergy.--- read more
Keeping Your Eyes Cool This Summer...
Summer brings vacations and endless fun in forests, on mountains for trekking and on beaches. It also brings unbearable heat which is hard to fight off, especially in areas where temperature goes high beyond tolerance. When this happens, people protect their skin by using umbrellas or by putting on sun screening cosmetics, eyes, however, remain uncovered and prone to damage by sun
 Here are some tips for keeping your eyes cool in the summer and beat the heat.

1.   Use sunglasses:
Sunglasses are the best defense against the sun as they filter the sunlight, by letting the useful light in and by blocking out the harmful UV rays. They will not only keep your eyes cool, but will make you look cool and prettier, so next time you go out in the sun, don't forget your eyes' best friends.

2.   Stay hydrated:
Hydration is essential for a properly working body, so it is for eyes too. The eyes might feel friction or may get more vulnerable to heat if they lose their moisture. So, make sure to have to keep your body hydrated by your favorite drinks. You can also use your optometrist’s recommended eye drops.--- Read more
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